What happens when Walter loses the money?

What happens when Walter loses the money?

What happens when Walter loses the money?

Walter loses the insurance money to Willy, a crook that he mistakes for a friend. Mama entrusts Walter with all the money that remains after the down payment on the new house.

What solution does Walter have to losing the money?

What solution does Walter have? He thinks accepting the money from Lindner will solve their problem.

How has Walter changed since he lost money?

- He's upset that no one appreciates how much money the store could bring. - Walter becomes increasingly agitated as he realizes he might not get his hands on any of the money.

Why does Walter finally reject Lindner's offer?

He struggles to attain a sense of dignity and sees his family as others might - - poor, powerless and stuck that way. ... Thus, when Walter rejects Lindner's offer in the end, he is asserting a positive sense of dignity and rejecting more than just a buy-out.

How much money did Walter Lee Younger lose?

The Youngers refuse the deal, even after Walter loses the rest of the money ($6,500) to his friend Willy Harris, who persuades Walter to invest in the liquor store and then runs off with his cash.

What does Walter do with the money Mama gave him?

What did Walter do with the money Mama gave him for his liquor store? He gives it to Willy Harris but he scams them and takes the money. Walter's family is absolutely disgusted by Walter until he stands up to Lindner and refuses the offer to live outside the white neighborhood.

How has Walter changed since he lost the money?

How has Walter changed since he lost the money? Ever since Walter has lost the money, he's changed as he's felt very guilty about taking the money from the family and he tries to make this up by fixing the mistakes he's done in the past What is his plan to rectify his mistake?

What does Walter say at the end of Raisin in the Sun?

When Bobo arrives and announces that the money is gone, Walter yells, “THAT MONEY IS MADE OUT OF MY FATHER’S FLESH,” reflecting his belief that money is the lifeblood of human existence. None of the Youngers feels pity for Walter, and it seems now that none of their dreams will come true.

How did Hank find out the truth about Walt?

Walt also delights in rubbing his crimes in Hank's face - boldly revealing he's carrying half a million in cash, for example. Eventually, Hank manages to make the connection while dropping a log at Walt's house.

Who was the last person to find out the truth about Walt?

The last of Walt's family to find out (excluding Holly, obviously), the meth kingpin was desperate to keep the truth from his son, not wanting that idealistic father figure image to be shattered. Skyler also wanted to protect Walt Jr. from the truth, but Hank and Marie had other ideas.

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