What was found inside Santiago's stomach?

What was found inside Santiago's stomach?

What was found inside Santiago's stomach?

13: What is the significance of the medal of gold found in Santiago's guts? ... As he does not wear the medal, or something like it, but yet it resides within his stomach as proof that he was once silly enough to swallow the medal.

What happens to the rest of the Vicario family after the murder?

After the murder, the entire Vicario family left town because of the disgrace the combination of events had brought upon their family. A week after the murder, Bayardo San Roman left with his family; they came and retrieved him by boat. The Vicario brothers were imprisoned for three years.

Who is responsible for Santiago's death?

In Chronicle of a Death Foretold, several characters can be considered responsible for Santiago Nasar's death. Angela Vicario's twin brothers, Pedro and Pablo, are literally responsible for his death, as they stab and disembowel him. Nasar also can be considered responsible for his own tragic demise.

Who is considered to be the only one who has lost everything?

In the novel, the one considered to be “the only one who had lost everything” was Bayard San Roman, and this seems accurate in that Santiago had expiated his murder, the twins proved their honor as men and Angela was one again in possession of her honor- only Bayardo remained with nothing left in tenure.

Why was Cristo Bedoya excused from doing the autopsy?

Before they can bury him an autopsy must be performed, but Dr. Dionisio Aguarán is abroad. Under normal circumstances the duty would then fall to Cristo Bedoya, but he is excused due to his intimate relationship with Santiago.

Did the Vicario brothers want to kill Santiago?

Pedro Vicario, according to his own declaration, was the one who made the decision to kill Santiago Nasar, and at first his brother only followed along. Here, the narrator reveals Pedro's insistence that he chose to kill Santiago and Pablo simply followed along.

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