Is Beneatha self-centered?

Is Beneatha self-centered?

Is Beneatha self-centered?

Beneatha may sometimes be described as a very obnoxious, outspoken young woman, as well as self-centered. Nevertheless, she is a resilient intellectual person as well as a feminist with her own view and beliefs when it comes to a few topics …show more content…

What is Beneatha's personality?

Beneatha is an intellectual. Twenty years old, she attends college and is better educated than the rest of the Younger family. Some of her personal beliefs and views have distanced her from conservative Mama. She dreams of being a doctor and struggles to determine her identity as a well-educated Black woman.

What is Beneatha struggling with?

Asagai seems to talk down to Beneatha here, and he trivializes her struggle for an identity and culture. Though Beneatha may be naive, her identity crisis is a valid experience created by an oppressive culture, and she deserves to be taken seriously.

What type of woman does Beneatha want to be?

George is an unimaginative, conventional man, and he would like Beneatha to be that way as well. He wants her to be “nice,” “simple,” “sophisticated,” to talk less, and to be unconcerned with thoughts.

Who is Beneatha dating?

They discuss the man that Beneatha has been dating, George Murchison.

How does Beneatha feel?

Overall, Beneatha likes George but cannot take him seriously and has reservations about his superficial, arrogant demeanor. When Beneatha speaks of George Murchison, she speaks "with displeasure" and calls him "shallow" (Act I, sc. i).

Who does Beneatha hate Why?

Beneatha declares that she “hate[s] assimimationist Negroes”, and she thinks that George gives up his own origin (Hansberry 81). Through a remark of her friend Asagai, a Nigerian, she understands that she assimilated in a way, too.

Who does Beneatha end up with?

Unsurprisingly, Beneatha seems to not be into George at all by the end of the play. When we leave Beneatha at the play's conclusion, she is even considering marrying Asagai and practicing medicine in Africa.

What is Asagai's nickname for Beneatha?

When Asagai says goodbye, he calls Beneatha by a nickname, “Alaiyo.” He explains that it is a word from his African tribal language, roughly translated to mean “One for Whom Bread—Food—Is Not Enough.” He leaves, having charmed both women.

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