How do you get a Disney audition?

How do you get a Disney audition?

How do you get a Disney audition?

The best way to get an audition for the Disney Channel or a Disney movie is by working hard and getting a legitimate agent. Most auditions for Disney are not open calls. They are handled through agents.

When do Disney auditions for kids come out?

  • Fall 2021 Disney Auditions Available Now for KidsCasting Members Only! What will your Kid gain? Acting and Modeling presents kids with an opportunity to perform in public settings, which is a great way to gain more confidence and improve public speaking skills! Any type of performance art will be a great medium for self-expression for a child.

Where are the Disney Cruise Line dancers auditioning?

  • Thanks to the 200+ folks who came to see us in Orlando today! Disney Cruise Line Dancers Exciting day of auditions in New York City today! Casting Director Robby and Joy are so excited to see DLR vocalist auditions back in the O.C.!

When is the casting call for the Disney Channel?

  • Disney Channel has launched a digital open casting call for kids and teens as part of the network's ongoing initiative to discover and develop diverse young talent. The digital casting call will accept video submissions through Tuesday, Dec. 31,2019, at Dates & Locations:

Who are the singers at the Disney auditions?

  • Mark, Dan and Brent holding auditions for an amazing new project at the Magic Kingdom! All the singers brought there A game! Octo Move It Shake It MousekeDance it!

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