Why do the Vicario twins want to kill Santiago?

Why do the Vicario twins want to kill Santiago?

Why do the Vicario twins want to kill Santiago?

The Vicario Brothers murder Santiago Nasar because they believe Santiago slept with their sister. ... The Vicario brothers not only did this for themselves and their sister, but also for Pablo's fiance, Prudencia Cotes, because shoe wouldn't marry him until he restored his sister's honor.

Do the Vicario brothers actually want to kill Santiago?

Pedro Vicario, according to his own declaration, was the one who made the decision to kill Santiago Nasar, and at first his brother only followed along. Here, the narrator reveals Pedro's insistence that he chose to kill Santiago and Pablo simply followed along.

What is the reasoning of the Vicario twins?

A person without honor is seen as an outcast, so one can see why the Vicario brothers were so determined in killing Santiago Nasar. They wanted to restore the honor of their sister, which was taken when she married Bayardo when she had already slept with Santiago.

Is Angela Vicario a virgin?

Angela Vicario, the beautiful girl who'd gotten married the day before, had been returned to the house of her parents, because her husband had discovered that she wasn't a virgin.

Are the Vicario brothers twins?

Pedro Vicario is the younger of the Vicario twins by six minutes. By the Narrator's reckoning, he is more sentimental than his brother, Pablo, but also more authoritarian.

What do the Vicario brothers do immediately after killing Santiago?

After Angela Vicario reveals Santiago's name to her brothers, they immediately go to the pigsty. They pick out the two best knives, wrap them in rags, and have them sharpened at the meat market.

What does the court decide when they try the Vicario twins?

The Narrator begins the chapter by explaining that when Pablo and Pedro Vicario were eventually tried for the murder, the court upheld their lawyer's “thesis of homicide in legitimate defense of honor.” In fact, the twins justified their crime in the same exact way when they turned themselves in to Father Carmen Amador ...

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