Where do the Vicario brothers go after killing Santiago?

Where do the Vicario brothers go after killing Santiago?

Where do the Vicario brothers go after killing Santiago?

After the murder, the entire Vicario family left town because of the disgrace the combination of events had brought upon their family. A week after the murder, Bayardo San Roman left with his family; they came and retrieved him by boat. The Vicario brothers were imprisoned for three years.

Why do the Twins kill Santiago Nasar?

The lawyer declared Santiago's death a case of homicide in legitimate defensive honor, which basically means it was okay that they killed him because they were defending their honor.

Did the Vicario twins want to kill Santiago?

Pedro Vicario, according to his own declaration, was the one who made the decision to kill Santiago Nasar, and at first his brother only followed along. Here, the narrator reveals Pedro's insistence that he chose to kill Santiago and Pablo simply followed along.

What happened at the end of Chronicle of a Death Foretold?

In the end, Santiago is killed at his own doorstep. After the murder, the whole town can't stop talking about it. Angela's family leaves town and so does her husband of five hours. There's even a trial, but it doesn't seem that anything comes of it aside from some pretty cool records written in red ink.

Who knew that Santiago was going to be killed?

Everyone thinks Santiago has been warned that he is going to die. Margot learns that Angela Vicario, the bride of the day before, has been returned to her parents' house because her husband has discovered that she isn't a virgin. Margot is unsure how Santiago Nasar is involved in the mix-up.

Is chronicle of a death foretold a tragedy?

Chronicle of a Death Foretold uses a protagonist that is modeled on Greek Tragedy. It is better seen as a modern tragedy rather than an Ancient Greek tragedy; as in Chronicle of a Death Foretold the protagonists action is seen as wrong, or his harmartia.

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