Why does Chris Traeger say full names?

Why does Chris Traeger say full names?

Why does Chris Traeger say full names?

Chris Traeger, then, called everyone by their full names in order to remind the audience of who they are, and it became one of his trademark actions – and one that didn't change after all those therapy sessions with the mysterious Dr. Nygard.

Who are the main characters in Chris Traeger?

Chris imposes a strict policy against workplace dating at city hall, but series protagonist Leslie Knope ( Amy Poehler) and Ben Wyatt ( Adam Scott) begin secretly dating anyway, which Chris eventually accepts. The idea of Chris as a State Auditor was inspired by real-life reports of government shutdowns amid the global financial crisis.

Where does Chris Traeger from Parks and Recreation live?

Chris has 11,254 Gryzzl Points as of A Parks and Recreation Special. Chris is designated as a "Super Healer" by the CDC. Chris has a stepbrother who lives in London. Chris Traeger has a Photo Gallery . Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

How did Ann and Chris Traeger get together?

Ann makes out with Chris and, although she was too drunk to even remember the incident the next day, he develops romantic feelings for her. Ann rebuffs his requests for dates, and finds him too intense, but the ever-optimistic Chris does not become discouraged and insists he will continue courting her.

Why did Chris Traeger need to slash his budget?

Due to the poorly managed Pawnee government, Chris and Ben need to slash every city budget by up to 50 percent, much to the disappointment of deputy parks and recreation director Leslie Knope ( Amy Poehler ).

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