What was on page 47 National Treasure Book of Secrets?

What was on page 47 National Treasure Book of Secrets?

What was on page 47 National Treasure Book of Secrets?

So it's possible another recent event was mentioned and it was on page 47: the truth behind the Georgia Guidestones. The Georgia Guidestones were erected in 1980 under mysterious circumstances in Elbert County, Georgia. To this day, the true authors of the Guidestones have never been revealed.

What's on page 47 of the president's book?

 Someone posed the question to director Jon Turteltaub at the film's press day, and here is his answer: “I'll tell you, what is on page 47 is I think the single greatest secret in America today… which is… the plot of Star Trek.” Now that's funny.

What is the plot of National Treasure 3?

Let's refreshen the storyline a bit— 'National Treasure' is a story about a historian and amateur cryptologist, Benjamin Franklin Gates, played by Nicolas Cage. He is looking for a lost treasure, and while his search was on, he got to know about a secret code written behind the Declaration Of Independence of America.

Is there a real national treasure?

Yes. The British ship was lost off the coast of Newfoundland in November of 1818 and was never found. In the movie, the Charlotte was discovered buried under ice in the Arctic Circle which encompasses portions of Newfoundland. Technically it could be there in real life, but I'm not volunteering for the search.

Can you steal the Declaration of Independence?

Housed at the National Archives since 1952, the Declaration has had a bumpy life — at one point it was even repaired with Scotch tape — but no one has ever attempted to break into the Archives and actually steal it. ... impossible" to steal the document, explained Susan Cooper, a spokesperson for the National Archives.

What is National Treasure 3 called?

Book series
#TitleTime period
3National Treasure: Uncharted - A Gates Family Mystery1803
4National Treasure: Westward Bound - A Gates Family Mystery1848–1849
5National Treasure: Forever Free - A Gates Family Mystery1872
6National Treasure: Roaring In - A Gates Family Mystery1920s
2 more rows

Why was there no third national treasure movie?

Disney's National Treasure movies starring Nicolas Cage were huge hits at the box office, collectively making more than $800 million worldwide across two instalments. However, a third film never materialized, and now producer Jason Reed--who worked at Disney at the time but has since left--explained one of the reasons why.

Is there a sequel to National Treasure Book of Secrets?

The film grossed $347 million worldwide off a $100 million budget, and the sequel, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, performed even better by earning $457 million worldwide. And yet while there’s been rumblings of a third installment over the past ten years, Disney hasn’t really made much of a push for National Treasure 3.

How much money did the first national treasure movie make?

The thing is, the first two National Treasure movies were both profitable at the time, with Book of Secrets grossing $457 million worldwide. So it's not like the movies weren't successful.

Who are the actors in the movie National Treasure?

‘National Treasure’ introduces us to Benjamin Gates, the American cryptologist and historian, played by Nicolas Cage. The film also stars Justin Bartha as Riley Poole, Gates’ best friend and loyal sidekick, as well as, Diane Kruger as Dr. Abigail Chase, who is both Gates’ colleague and girlfriend.

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