What is Cones of Dunshire based on?

What is Cones of Dunshire based on?

What is Cones of Dunshire based on?

The published game Cones of Dunshire is based on the fictional game Cones of Dunshire as seen on the NBC television program Parks & Recreation.

Can you play The Cones of Dunshire?

Can you actually play Ben Wyatt's creation in real life? Unfortunately for fans of Ben Wyatt who want to get their hands on this incredibly complex game, Cones of Dunshire doesn't exist.

What happened Mayfair Games?

After nearly 40 years in the tabletop industry, the longtime publisher of the popular Settlers of Catan franchise is closing its doors. Mayfair Games has sold its remaining games catalog to Asmodee North America, a massive games publisher and distributor, the company announced.

Who bought Mayfair Games?

Mayfair Games
IndustryBoard games
SuccessorIronwind, Inc.
HeadquartersChicago, Illinois , US
Key peopleDarwin Bromley
2 more rows

Who bought asmodee?

In 2014, Eurazeo bought 83.5% of Asmodee, valuing the company at €143 million, then sold its stake to PAI Partners four years later for a reported €836 million.

Does Asmodee own Catan?

On Janu it was announced that Asmodée had acquired the English language rights to the Catan™ games from Mayfair Games, creating a new company Catan Studio, Inc.. Asmodee obtained the rights to publish the Spot-It!

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