Is diameter and area the same?

Is diameter and area the same?

Is diameter and area the same?

The diameter of a circle is the length of the line segment that goes from one side of the circle to the other and passes through the center of the circle. ... The formula for the area of a circle is A = π r2, where r is the length of the radius of a circle.

Does pi change when the circle changes in size?

pi would not be pi if it's value changed. It is the same for all circles - big or small. E.g. if you double the diameter, the circumference also doubles so when you divide the circumference by the diameter, you always get pi.

What's the difference between diameter and circumference?

The circumference of a circle is the distance around the outside of the circle. The diameter is the distance across the circle. It must pass through the center or the circle. ... The radius is the distance from a circle's center to a point on the circle.

Why is circumference diameter pi?

Circles are all similar, and "the circumference divided by the diameter" produces the same value regardless of their radius. This value is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter and is called π (Pi).

What is the area of 8 inches diameter?

What is the area of a 8 inch diameter circle? The area of a 8 inch circle is 50.27 square inches.

What is the radius of a 5 foot circle?

What is the area of a circle with a DIAMETER of 5 feet (radius of 2.5 feet)? How big is a 5 foot circle?...Area of a 5 Foot Circle.
19.635square feet
2.1817square yards
1.8241square meters
18,241square centimeters
1 more row

Why pi is constant explain it?

Pi is an irrational number. ... Pi is defined as the ratio of the circumference of any circle to its diameter. As all circles are similar and therefore proportional in dimensions, pi is therefore always the same for all circles and is a constant.

Is pi actually infinite?

No matter how big your circle, the ratio of circumference to diameter is the value of Pi. Pi is an irrational number---you can't write it down as a non-infinite decimal. This means you need an approximate value for Pi.

Is diameter all the way around?

Explanation: The diameter crosses the entire circle through the origin or center point. The radius runs from the center point to the edge of the circle.

How do you get circumference from diameter?

2 x radius Circle/Diameter

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