What is a good score on the DLAB test?

What is a good score on the DLAB test?

What is a good score on the DLAB test?

95 What is considered a good score on the DLAB? A 95 is considered a passing score on DLAB. A score of 95 is considered passing because it is the minimum requirement for some basic languages as well as getting into the Defense Language Institute.

What's the lowest score you can get on the DLAB?

The DLAB score's range is from 0 to 164 with 164 being a flawless score. It is based off a logarithmic scale so the closer you get to 164, the more challenging it is to acquire a better score. The lowest score required to get into DLI is a 95 and the lowest score to learn a CAT IV language is a 105.

What do you need to know about the DLAB?

What Is A Good DLAB Score. The Defense Language Aptitude Battery Test or also known as the DLAB is a standardized exam that aids the military services in understanding whether or not a active duty member is capable of language learning.

What should my Dlab score be for CAT IV?

What is a Good DLAB Score. While the minimum score to enter the Defense Language Institute is 95 and the minimum score for a Cat IV Language is 110, should you shoot for either of these? The short answer is no. Like we have stated on previous articles, your DLAB score will carry with you as you progress in your military career.

What is the average Dlab score for Olmstead?

According to the Olmstead Program, the average DLAB score of those selected was a 130 and supposedly they select the cream of the crop. However, if you aren’t applying for these programs or think that these scores are too high, then perhaps a statistical breakdown will help you in choosing your target score.

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