What happened to Maria at the end of West Side Story?

What happened to Maria at the end of West Side Story?

What happened to Maria at the end of West Side Story?

Anita, angry about her treatment by the Jets, gets a phony message to Tony saying that Maria was killed. A grief-stricken Tony tells Chino to kill him too, and Chino obliges. ... Juliet wakes up to see him dead, and joins him for real this time. Maria, however, survives.

What does Maria do after Tony dies?

Tony dies in Maria's arms. Maria, now a widow, declares that all the Sharks and the Jets are both responsible for all the deaths because of their hate. The Jets and Sharks at least temporarily put their feud behind them and carry Tony's body off together.

Who killed Tony in the movie West Side Story?

Chino Tony - Shot by Chino as revenge for Bernardo's death. Chino was later arrested by Officer Krupke.

Who falls in love with Maria in West Side Story?

Tony MARIA-‐ A hopeless romantic and innocent young girl. She falls in love with Tony and finds herself at the center of the violent conflict between the two gangs.

What happens to Maria and Tony in West Side Story?

Out of anger, Tony kills Brenardo. Tony goes to visit Maria, who had just found out that Tony killed her brother. They decide to run away together. Tony hides in the basement of Doc's Drugstore, where Doc comes down and tells Tony that Chino has killed Maria.

Who was Maria's killer in West Side Story?

Chino is the first to reach Maria after the rumble, but when she asks him if Tony is okay, Chino angrily answers only that he killed Bernardo, but Maria refuses to believe it until Tony arrives in her room; seeing the look on his face, Maria runs up to him and beats on his chest screaming "Killer!

How many people die in West Side Story?

Like The Outsiders, West Side Story is a story about two rival gangs, and has a body count of three. It more closely follows the type of storyline of Romeo and Juliet, however, though at the end Juliet's counterpart, Maria, survives, and Romeo's (Tony) does not commit suicide, but is killed by someone else...

Why does Maria kill Chino in West Side Story?

All of the Jets and Sharks arrive at the playground as Tony dies in Maria's arms. The two gangs are about to fight yet again, but Maria angrily stops them. Taking Chino's gun, Maria blames all of them for killing Riff, Bernardo and Tony, not so much with guns, but with their hatred.

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