What did Patricia Blair die from?

What did Patricia Blair die from?

What did Patricia Blair die from?

Breast cancer Patricia Blair/Cause of death Patricia Blair, an actress who played resourceful women in 1960s television westerns like “Daniel Boone” and “The Rifleman,” died on Sept. 9 at her home in North Wildwood, N.J. She was 80. The cause was breast cancer, Amber Hennessey, a friend and neighbor, said.

Who was Patricia Blair married to?

Martin Colbertm. 1965–1993 Patricia Blair/Spouse On Febru, the 32-year-old Blair married 42-year-old land developer Martin S. Colbert in Los Angeles, California.

Who was Fess Parker and what did he do?

Parker was a longtime friend of Ronald Reagan, whose Western White House was not far from the Parker vineyards. Reagan sent Parker to Australia in 1985 to represent him during an event, and when Parker returned he was asked by White House aide Michael Deaver if he was interested in being ambassador to that country.

How much did Fess Parker get paid for King of Wild Frontier?

Song "King of the Wild Frontier" was Number 1 on the "Hit Parade" for 16 weeks. Parker was paid $150. (source: interview with Fess Parker in the SF Chronicle, "Datebook" ("Pink") section, Novem). To one generation of television fans he will always be Davy Crockett. To the next generation he will be the one and only Daniel Boone.

Who was Fess Parker in the movie Daniel Boone?

Best remembered by the public for his starring role as the title character in Daniel Boone (1964). Attended the funeral of longtime best friend, Buddy Ebsen, when the actor passed away in 2003. In order for Buddy Ebsen to offer him dance lessons, he exchanged guitar lessons with Parker.

How tall is Fess Parker height and weight?

Overview (5) Born Aug in Fort Worth, Texas, US ... Died Ma in Santa Ynez, California ... Birth Name Fess Elisha Parker Jr. Nickname Fessbo Height 6' 5½" (1.97 m)

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