Is Maturin the turtle dead?

Is Maturin the turtle dead?

Is Maturin the turtle dead?

While Maturin is kind and benevolent, It is evil and malevolent. The turtle helps young Bill Denbrough defeat It, but is unfortunately dead by the time the Losers battle It as adults. Of course, zero of this backstory is played out in Andy Muschietti's 2017 adaptation.

Who could beat Pennywise?

As one of the rare few Avatars who can bend all five powerful elements - air, earth, energy, fire, and water - Aang would be a mighty foe for Pennywise to defeat. No matter where Pennywise chooses to attack the reincarnated spirit, Aang could counter by expertly harnessing the almighty natural forces.

Can Thanos beat Pennywise?

Yes. They're both very strong aliens, but IT uses the perceptive views of reality and makes illusions out of them. Thanos, without the stones, is much stronger than the hulk at base stage (not furious). Pennywise may be durable, since it is one of the many faces of IT, but IT can be killed.

Can Pennywise kill adults?

First we have to clarify that Pennywise doesn't kill, he is basically an illusion, It kills. It kills children because they are safer to kill then adults. Children are relatively powerless and most people (outside of friends and family) soon forget about them.

Why does Pennywise the turtle have a shell?

On his shell rests the earth.”. The turtle sort of represents life and rebirth and goodness. Pennywise is actually a cosmic entity of sorts himself, except he’s a force of never ending hunger and consumption and destruction and evil.

Who is Pennywise's nemesis in the movie it?

IT's nemesis in the book is Maturin, a cosmic turtle, so perhaps it's Maturin that prevents Pennywise from leaving the universe he currently inhabits. After all, if IT could jump universes at will, it would present a clear and present danger to the entire multiverse.

Are there any things that make no sense about Pennywise?

Young Georgie is the first example of this when he meets Pennywise at the beginning of the first movie. Either the creature was starving and wanted a quick meal, or he wasn't interested in playing the long game. This doesn't make sense given that Pennywise spends an extraordinary amount of time building fear within the Loser's Club.

How was Pennywise defeated in the novel it?

In the books the children engage It but are unable to defeat it and almost all of them get caught in the deadlights but the girl brings them out by engaging with the boys sexually (pretty crazy).

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