What was Molly Pitcher's first job?

What was Molly Pitcher's first job?

What was Molly Pitcher's first job?

It is hard to find any information on Molly before the Battle of Monmouth. Born in 1754, Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley was the daughter of a New Jersey dairy farmer. At the age of 13, she went to work as a domestic/servant and married a barber named William Hays.

What was Molly Pitcher's career?

A heroine of the Revolutionary War, Molly Pitcher was the nickname of a woman said to have carried water to American soldiers during the Battle of Monmouth on J, before taking over for her husband on the battlefield after he was no longer able to fight.

Who was Molly Pitcher a servant for?

William Hays joined the Continental Army - Proctor's 4th Artillery in 1777. Molly joined him at the winter camp at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Molly Pitcher joined a group of women led by Martha Washington. The group were known as camp followers and provided several services.

Was Molly Pitcher a Patriot or Loyalist?

Molly Pitcher was a patriot who carried pitchers of water to soldiers and helped with cannon duty during the American Revolution's Battle of Monmouth.

Who was Molly Pitcher and what was her real name?

Mary Ludwig was one of those women. That is, until her husband collapsed in battle and she picked up his gun. Molly Pitcher’s real name was Mary Ludwig. She was born in 1754. When she was 13, she married William Hays and began working as a servant. When William enlisted in the army, she went along.

How did Molly Pitcher contribute to the Revolutionary War?

With her actions on that day, Pitcher became one of the most popular and enduring symbols of the women who contributed to the American Revolution. Pitcher remained with the Continental Army until the war ended, then moved back to Carlisle with Hays in April 1783.

Why was Mary Hays McCauly known as Molly Pitcher?

Mary Hays McCauly was earning her nickname "Molly Pitcher" by bringing pitcher after pitcher of cool spring water to the exhausted and thirsty men. She also tended to the wounded and once, heaving a crippled continental soldier up on her strong young back, carried him out of reach of hard­charging Britishers.

Where is Molly Pitcher service area in New Jersey?

The plate depicts Molly Pitcher, recognizing women in combat from the beginnings of the nation. On I-95 (New Jersey Turnpike) a service area is named Molly Pitcher Service Area in Cranbury Township, New Jersey.

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