Why does Rosaura leave her horse?

Why does Rosaura leave her horse?

Why does Rosaura leave her horse?

Answer Expert Verified. Rosaura has to leave the horse behind since it was frightened by the storm hence almost threw her off. Having been spooked by the storm the horse cannot go any further. Other than that she is sure that the horse will not wander far.

Why does Clotaldo protect Rosaura?

Why does Clotaldo protect Rosaura? He recognizes the sword she carries. What important cultural reference is Astolfo making in this speech? Men had a stronger claim to titles and wealth during the Renaissance.

How does Tita die?

The cause of her ailments and eventual death is revealed to be massive doses of ipecac (an emetic she took when she feared poisoning), not Tita's cooking. Despite the endless cruelty that she suffered at the hands of Mama Elena, Tita is moved to great sorrow by her mother's death.

What advice does Gertrudis give to Tita?

Gertrudis responds by saying "the simple truth is that the truth does not exist." More specifically, there is no one truth. She points out another truth is that Rosaura married Pedro knowing how it would hurt Tita.

Why does Basilio imprison Segismundo a second time?

Basilio reveals to them that he imprisoned his infant son, Segismundo, due to a prophecy by an oracle that the prince would bring disgrace to Poland and would kill his father, but he wants to grant his son a chance to prove the oracle wrong.

Why does Tita cry when Mama Elena dies?

At Mama Elena's funeral, Tita finally cries, “not for the castrating mother who had repressed Tita her entire life, but for the person who had lived a frustrated love.” Tita vows on her mother's grave never to forsake true love, which she believes she feels for John Brown.

How did the narrator establish that Mourad had stolen the horse?

The narrator was delighted at the magnificence of the horse. He could smell it, hear it breathing, which excited him but what frightened him was that Mourad could not have bought the horse. The narrator realized, if he had not bought it, he must have stolen it. Question 7. How did the narrator establish that Mourad had stolen the horse?

What did Mourad do in the summer of the beautiful white horse?

Mourad showed a special concern for animals. Justify. Mourad not only had a special understanding with the horse but Aram saw Mourad, trying to nurse the hurt wing of a young robin which could not fly. He healed the bird and it took flight. The dogs, too, in John’s farm, did not bark when he went there to put back the horse.

What was the narrator's first reaction to the horse?

What was the narrator’s first reaction to the horse? When the narrator’s cousin, Mourad, came to his house at four in the morning and woke him up, Aram couldn’t believe what he saw. Mourad was riding a beautiful white horse. He stuck his head out of the window and rubbed his eyes to make sure that he wasn’t dreaming.

Why did Katherine fall off her horse in The Taming of the Shrew?

All of Petruchio's servants hastily prepare for his arrival, as Petruchio (and other noblemen) are liable to insult, abuse, and hit the servants upon whom they rely if those servants do not meet their expectations. Grumio tells Curtis that, on her way to the house, Katherine fell off her horse into the mud.

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