What spray kills rushes?

What spray kills rushes?

What spray kills rushes?

MCPA and Glyphosate are two approved chemicals very effective in managing rushes. However, both are broad-spectrum herbicides that will also kill other non-target plants.

What time of year do you spray rushes?

Remove any mown Rushes before spraying. Soft rush can be controlled with MCPA or 2, 4-D applied in June or July when growth conditions are good. A wetting agent can improve the spray sticking to the slender rush 'target'. These sprays will stunt grass growth and damage/kill White Clover.

What is the best bedding for cattle?

What materials are used for bedding cattle?

  • Straw (wheat, oat, other small grains)
  • Corn stocks or stover.
  • Hay (usually low quality that is less palatable, avoid mold)
  • Saw dust or wood chips/shavings.
  • Soybean residue or stubble.
  • Sand or dried compost.
  • Newspaper (usually shredded)

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