Who is the poet addressing answer?

Who is the poet addressing answer?

Who is the poet addressing answer?

The poet is addressing his love, Maud Gonne, English heiress and Irish Revolutionary. She had soft, deep eyes and some sorrow on her face. She was graceful and loved by many.

Who is the poet addressing to in the poem wind?

poem of wind addressing is subramania Bharti.

What is the meaning of another sky?

“There is Another Sky” is a sonnet that depicts the beauty of nature itself in her described “Garden of Eden” as many call it. However, the poem was written in conjunction with a letter the writer sent to her brother pleading him to come back home. She would give anything for him to come back.

Who was the one man the poet is talking about?

But there was one man, the poet himself, who loved the pilgrim soul in her. The Poet means to say that he does not love her outward beauty but her soul. He not only loved her youthful beauty but the sorrows of her changing face also. He will love her till the end of her day.

What does the wind do class 9?

Answer: The wind tears the pages off and throws them down from the book shelf. The potent (powerful) wind scatters the books and sheets of paper on the floor. ... The wind damages the shutters of the windows, scatters the papers and tears the pages of books.

What does the wind symbolize?

Explanation: The wind symbolizes the brutal and raw power of nature, the wind god is symbol of strength and might, he despises weaklings and makes fun of them. Weaklings mean crumbling doors, frail houses, aged persons, these are the main targets of winds. He befriends only the strong ones.

What is the rhyme scheme of there is another sky?

Answer: Emily Dickinson's "There is another sky" is an innovative, or American, sonnet. The lines are short, only 3 to 5 metric feet, and with Dickinson's characteristic slant rime, the rime scheme is roughly, ABCBCDECFCGHIH.

What kind of poem is there is another sky?

Dickinson's 'There is another sky' is a modern sonnet that does not conform to any conventional forms of the sonnet. It is written in an innovative rhyming scheme and told from the perspective of a first-person speaker. So, it's also an example of a lyric poem.

How is the one man different from others who loved the lady?

The “one-man” here refers to the poet as he is different from the others who loved the woman only for her external beauty but he loved her for her inner beauty and for her soul not for physical beauty. He proved that his love is true by waiting for her for a long time.

Where does the poet create heaven in the poem?

The poet creates heaven on earth by imbibing the beauty of nature and spilling the nectar of heaven, on the earth, through his poetry.

Who is the poet addressing in the poem " Death be not proud "?

The poetic narrator of the poem speaks to “Death.” Death is supposed to be “mighty and dreadful” because it kills everybody, but Donne takes a different look at death. He pities its and antagonistically tells Death not to be proud of itself. Donne was a minister. With his familiarity with death, he speaks...

What is the apostrophe in the poem Wind?

Wind has thrown the books down from the shelves/tom their pages. (d) Name the poetic device used in the above lines. Apostrophe: Wind, come softly.

What kind of wind does the poet describe?

The poet describes wind in two forms. One is fierce and violent wind that destroys everything. It is not friendly with the weak structures or characters. It makes them crumble.

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