What is the critical specific volume of water?

What is the critical specific volume of water?

What is the critical specific volume of water?

The specific volume of water at the critical point is 0.003155 m3/kg.

What is critical point and triple point?

Critical Point – the point in temperature and pressure on a phase diagram where the liquid and gaseous phases of a substance merge together into a single phase. ... Triple Point occurs when both the temperature and pressure of the three phases of the substance coexist in equilibrium.

What is formula of critical volume?

And critical volume is given as VC=3b that is volume at critical temperature and critical pressure.

How do you find specific volume?

Formula for Specific Volume Specific volume equals volume divided by mass. Typically, volume is measured in cubic meters (m3), and mass is measured in kilograms. Specific volume is then calculated as volume divided by mass.

What is the symbol of specific volume?

The specific volume of a substance is defined as the volume per unit mass. Typically specific volume uses the symbol v.

What happens above critical point?

Above the critical point there exists a state of matter that is continuously connected with (can be transformed without phase transition into) both the liquid and the gaseous state. It is called supercritical fluid.

What is fusion curve?

The fusion curve (blue) represents when both solid and liquid are in equilibrium. ... The three lines meet at the triple point, a specific temperature and pressure where all three phases are in equilibrium. The vaporization curve ends at the critical point.

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