How does Manolin help define Santiago?

How does Manolin help define Santiago?

How does Manolin help define Santiago?

Manolin is present only in the beginning and at the end of The Old Man and the Sea, but his presence is important because Manolin's devotion to Santiago highlights Santiago's value as a person and as a fisherman. Manolin demonstrates his love for Santiago openly.

How does Manolin help Santiago in the evening?

Explanation: He comes to the old man's house every night to spend time with him. He makes sure that he has coffee in the morning and food to eat at night. Santiago would most likely not eat if it were not for the boy, but Manolin tells him that, ''You'll not fish without eating while I'm alive.

What did Manolin give Santiago?

Manolin and Santiago haul the gear to the old man's shack, which is furnished with nothing more than the barest necessities: a bed, a table and chair, and a place to cook. On the wall are two pictures: one of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and one of the Virgin of Cobre, the patroness of Cuba.

How did Manolin help the old man?

After 40 days without a catch, Manolin's father has insisted that Manolin, the young man Santiago taught to fish from the age of five, fish in another boat. This evening, as every evening, Manolin meets the old man to help carry the coiled line, gaff, harpoon, and sail back to his shack.

What does Santiago tells himself after killing the fish?

After killing the marlin that he calls brother, Santiago tells himself he must now do the slave work of lashing the fish to the boat and bringing it in. ... Although he thinks of the money the fish will bring, Santiago thinks even more of the fact that the great DiMaggio would be proud of him this day.

What is the conclusion of the story The Old Man and the Sea?

The Old Man and the Sea ends with Santiago asleep, dreaming of lions on the beaches of Africa, having just renewed his partnership with Manolin (which gives him the opportunity for a fresh start and a more successful and less lonely career).

Why does Santiago think of Manolin all the time?

Santiago thinks of Manolin often while at sea, showing how much he relies on the boy to do things that he cannot. Although Santiago exhibits great pride, he knows his own weaknesses and values his friendship with Manolin enough to let him help. Fishing kills me exactly as it keeps me alive.

What does Manolin do for the old man?

This means that Manolin is under no obligation to help the old man anymore, but he continues to do so. He still carries Santiago's mast for him, helps him prepare his skiff, and catches or buys him sardines for bait.

Why did Manolin Cry in The Old Man and the Sea?

Overcome with relief that Santiago is home and pain upon seeing the state of Santiago’s hands, Manolin begins to cry. Manolin’s reaction reveals his deep love and respect for Santiago. Even though Santiago felt sure Manolin wasn’t worried about him, Manolin felt extreme worry during Santiago’s absence.

What does Santiago think when he goes back to land?

As Santiago heads back to land, he thinks about people who may be worried about him because he has been gone for several days. As he has no family of his own, he thinks of only Manolin. Yet he trusts that, despite his worry, Manolin will have faith in him.

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