How many shark did Santiago kill?

How many shark did Santiago kill?

How many shark did Santiago kill?

Santiago berates himself for having gone out too far. He kills a great mako shark with his harpoon but loses the weapon. He makes a spear by strapping his knife to the end of an oar. He kills three more sharks before the blade of the knife snaps, and he clubs two more sharks into submission.

What does Santiago do to the shark?

“Everything about him was beautiful except his jaws,” Hemingway writes of the mako. The shark bites off a huge chunk of the prize marlin, but Santiago manages to kill it with a harpoon. But as the old man continues on toward Havana, another species of shark appears. “Ay, galanos,” he says.

What did Santiago think about killing the Sharks?

He thinks about many things including baseball. He enjoys his killing the shark. Santiago kills the second and third sharks, hateful, bad smelling, sea-vengers as well as killers with his knife lashed to an oar. But when the gallons take with them fully a quarts of the Marlin’s best meat.

How did Santiago die in The Old Man and the Sea?

While he easily killed the first shark, Santiago has no such luck with the second one, which shakes the skiff as it devours the marlin from beneath. Santiago apologizes to the fish for the mutilation it has suffered by the sharks. He admits, "I shouldn't have gone out so far, fish...

How big was the shark bite on old man and sea?

The shark's bite took a 40-pound hunk of flesh from the marlin. More blood now pours from the marlin into the water, which Santiago knows will only attract more sharks. It seems to Santiago that his battle with the marlin was worthless, since the sharks will just come and eat the marlin.

How big of a loss does Santiago have?

At this time, Santiago has to bear big loss as shark takes with it forty pounds of Marlin, the harpoon and all the rope. The loss is increased when the Marlin’s blood attracts other sharks.

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