Why Gwen was speaking so fast?

Why Gwen was speaking so fast?

Why Gwen was speaking so fast?

Gwen says that she thought Max's father was crazy, and pretty scary too. ... I think she talked so fast because she kept on thinking about what Max's father did. Also, she wanted to make sure Max wasn't offended about Gwen talking about both of his parents so much.

What was the purpose of Gwen's call to Gram?

People are always intimidated by his size. Feeling guilty about the way she reacted, Gwen calls Max's grandmother to invite Max to dinner. Although he is hesitant, Gram is pushy, so he accepts. Max learns that Gwen was a friend of Max's deceased mother before she married his father.

Why did Gwen Call gram Freak the Mighty?

Kevin calls his mom "Fair Gwen" because she reminds him of Guenivere, King Arthur's queen. Like Geuniver, Gwen is beautiful and her name is Gwen which is short for Guenivere. Why did Gwen call Gram? Gwen called Gram to apologize for how she reacted when she first saw Max.

Why did Gwen call Max?

Kevin refers to his mother as Guinevere because he sees her as incredibly beautiful—inside and out—and tremendously loving. ... Max misinterprets this nickname due to his dyslexia, and he believes that Kevin is calling his mother "Fair Gwen of Air."

Why does Max cry at the end of chapter 5?

At the end of Chapter Five, Max is crying because he is happy.

What is freak's real name?

The primary characters are friends Maxwell Kane, a large, very slow, but kind-hearted kid and his friend Kevin Avery, nicknamed “Freak,” who is physically crippled but very intelligent. (In the Book, Kevin's last name is Avery. Freak the Mighty.

Why does Max call Kevin Freak?

Together, they call themselves Freak the Mighty because each one makes up for the other's weaknesses. Furthermore, Max believes Kevin is the smartest boy he knows and Kevin appreciates Max for hauling him around school and on all the quests they go on together.

Why did freak call himself robot?

Max and Kevin met for the first time when they were both in day care. Max was an angry kid called Kicker because he kicked everyone, while Kevin called himself Robot Man because of the leg braces he had to wear.

Where does Max go when his emotions get overwhelmed?

Where did Max go after the Fair Gwen ran away from him? He went inside his head.

Why was Gwen so upset when Max saw Gwen?

Max learns that Gwen was a friend of Max's deceased mother before she married his father. 'I never saw much of your mom after they got married. He made it … difficult for your mother to have any friends,' said Gwen. The real reason why Gwen seemed so upset when she saw Max is because she was so surprised at how much Max looks like his dad.

Why does Max make Gwen nervous in Freak The Mighty?

One of the reasons that Max makes the beautiful Gwen nervous in the book "Freak the Mighty" is because he is so big. Her son, Kevin, is very small for his age and has a contorted body. He does not really have any friends and suddenly there is this great big guy who is larger than other children his age who is hanging around with her son.

Why does Kevin call his mother Gwen of air?

Kevin, or Freak as Max affectionately calls him, calls his mother the 'Fair Gwen of Air' because of his obsession with King Arthur and the Fair Guinevere.

Why did Gwen keep the boys as a unit?

The decision to keep them as a unit helped both boys be more successful both academically and socially. She even buys Kevin a computer for his birthday so that if his illness prevents him from attending school, he will still be able to communicate with Max.

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