What happened in chapter 3 of Freak the Mighty?

What happened in chapter 3 of Freak the Mighty?

What happened in chapter 3 of Freak the Mighty?

The third chapter ("American Flyer") of Freak the Mighty opens with Max daydreaming in his basement bedroom--"the down under." Kevin has scared him by referring to him as "earthling." Max has been called many names because of his unusual size, he muses, but never "earthling." Feeling a bit claustrophobic in the down ...

How does Max help Freak in Chapter 3?

' Max decides to show Freak his room down under. He loads him into the wagon and hauls him to his house. Max remembers Freak looking happy to have Max hauling him, but as Kevin says, 'You can remember anything, whether it happened or not.

What happens in chapter 3 and 4 of Freak the Mighty?

Bored in his cellar room again, Max's thoughts keep returning to his new, strange little neighbor. Max ventures out to the backyard again and spots the Freak standing beneath a scraggly tree in his backyard.

How did Max and Freak end up in the principal's office at the end of Ch 12?

Donelli tries to get him to sit, but it's too late. Freak is riding Max through the classroom yelling, 'Freak the Mighty!' Next thing Max knew, the whole class is chanting, 'Freak the Mighty!' That is how Kevin and Max ended up in the principal's office on the first day of school.

Why does Max call Kevin a Freak?

Max thinks of himself as a big butthead. People are afraid of him because he looks like his father, Kenneth "Killer" Kane, a convicted murderer. Max sets the stage for the story by reminiscing about his time in daycare, when he had met a boy named Kevin, or Freak, as their classmates called him.

What happens in Chapter 7 of Freak the Mighty?

It turns out Freak's brilliant plan is to run straight for the nasty pond where the fireworks were launched from. Max resists going in, but the sound of Blade's knife convinces him, and in he plunges. Max keeps going till he is up to his chest in water, and Freak finally stops him.

Why is it difficult for Max to accept Freak's death?

6. Why was it difficult for Max to accept Freak's death? He really believed that Freak was getting a new body or he wouldn't have ran into the building.

How does Max describe himself in Chapter 3?

He describes himself negatively, calling himself a ''butthead,'' ''a hulk,''...

Why does Freak take Max to the hospital?

He tells Max, “Inside the research building is a secret laboratory called The Experimental Bionics Unit. ... The medical research building was something that Freak wanted Max to see. In order for Max to understand his situation, Freak had to be vulnerable and expose his experiences.

How long was Killer Kane in jail?

Killer Kane was in jail for eight years before he was released on parole. After violating his parole and committing several serious crimes, he is arrested and sent back to prison to serve his original sentence of life in prison plus ten additional years.

What happens in Chapter 11 of Freak The Mighty?

In Chapter 11 of the Rodman Philbrick novel, Freak the Mighty, Kevin and Max go to the most dangerous part of their town to deliver the purse to Loretta Lee. In this lesson, we'll see what happens as the story progresses.

Where do Max and Kevin end up at in Freak The Mighty?

In other words, Max has been walking for a VERY long time with Kevin on his shoulders. Eventually, they end up at their final destination, or “Fortress,” as Kevin refers to it (50). The final destination is a new building that has been added onto the hospital for medical research.

Where does Max live in the book Freak?

When Freak asks where Max lives, Max points and says that he lives in the down under. Rather than explain, Max picks up the wagon handle and he pulls Freak to his house. Max remembers Freak looking happy—but Max reminds the reader that it’s possible to remember anything, real or otherwise.

Why is grim concerned about Maxwell in Freak The Mighty?

Q. Why is Grim concerned about Maxwell (chapter 1-4)? Max looks like his father and is afraid Max will inherit his father's character. Maxwell can not read and does not perform well in school. Max spends too much time in the basement by himself. Maxwell does not have any friends to play with.

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