Why did Placida Linero lock the door?

Why did Placida Linero lock the door?

Why did Placida Linero lock the door?

Placida Linero, Santiago's own mother, had just closed the front door because Divina Flor lied to her and said that he was already home and had gone up to his room. The Vicario twins caught up with him and began stabbing him.

Who is nahir Miguel?

Nahir Miguel The father of Flora Miguel. He is the one who warns Santiago that the Vicario brothers are waiting to kill him.

What reasons does Victoria Guzman have for hating SN?

She hates Santiago because he wants to have sex with her daughter. She didn't warn him because she wanted him to die.

Who is the only person who actively goes looking for Santiago to try to warn him?

A man named Yamil Shaium, stood in the door of his shop so that when Santiago passed by, he could warn him of the planned murder. Yamil called Cristo Bedoya to see if Santiago had already been warned.

What is Pedro talking about when he says no matter how much I scrubbed with soap and rags I couldn't get rid of the smell?

"No matter how much I scrubbed with soap and rags, I couldn't get rid of the smell." This comment by Pedro Vicario reveals the guilt the Vicario twins felt after killing Santiago Nasar.

Why is Angela Vicario returned to her family on her wedding night?

On her wedding night, after discovering that she was not a virgin, Angela's husband, Bayardo San Roman, returns her to her house. ... The day that Santiago is murdered was a significant day in town because the Bishop was coming by boat to bless the marriage of Angela Vicario and Bayardo San Roman.

Who knew Santiago was going to die?

Everyone thinks Santiago has been warned that he is going to die. Margot learns that Angela Vicario, the bride of the day before, has been returned to her parents' house because her husband has discovered that she isn't a virgin. Margot is unsure how Santiago Nasar is involved in the mix-up.

What two roles does Angela play as a woman in the novel?

What two roles does Angela play as a woman in the novel? Angela played the role of the respectful house wife, but then later after Santiago's death she worked as an embroider. 6. Describe the wedding festivities.

What are Placida Linero's actions after the Vicario brother attack?

Placida Linero bolts the front door of her house out of fear for her son. What are Nasar's actions after the Vicario brother attack is concluded? he twins stab him repeatedly, including a horizontal slash across his stomach that releases his viscera. Santiago stumbles into the house through the back door and dies in the kitchen.

What was Nasar's feelings at the time of his death?

What is the narrator’s assessment of Nasar’s feelings at the time of his death? At the time of his death, the narrator assess that Santiago did not understand why the Vicario twins were after him, and why their sister had chosen Santiago as the perpetrator.

What was Santiago Nasar overlooked on the day of his death?

The signs that were overlooked by Santiago Nasar on the day of his death were prominent- the cooking rabbits whose guts were thrown savagely to the dogs, the front door, which remained closed and barred, the knowledge of the cooks and more. If you need assistance with writing your essay, our professional essay writing service is here to help!

What is about them that the narrator's Mother Notes is particularly unusual?

What is it about them that the narrator’s mother notes is particularly unusual and virtuous? The Vicario sisters had been raised based on pure virtue and honesty.

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