What was Dostoevsky like as a person?

What was Dostoevsky like as a person?

What was Dostoevsky like as a person?

He was famously rude to almost everyone he came into contact with, even some of his close friends like Apollon Maikov. His gruff attitude lost him many friendships. He was very kind to his second wife. Some of his tenderest letters are to her.

How long was Dostoevsky jailed?

eight months Dostoyevsky spent eight months in prison until, on December 22, the prisoners were led without warning to the Semyonovsky Square. There a sentence of death by firing squad was pronounced, last rites were offered, and three prisoners were led out to be shot first.

Did Dostoevsky ever kill anyone?

Dostoevsky haven't murdered anyone as far as we know. He participated in Petrashevsky's conspiracy and was almost shot.

Why is Dostoevsky considered an existentialist?

To clear things , Dostoyevsky is a Christian existentialist, for he deals with the problems faced by man once he realises the freedom he has, but then always looks at this situation through a theological eye. Not only this, but he tries to provide a solution to the apparent conflictual life of man.

What would Dostoevsky think about being called an existentialist?

Although Dostoevsky wrote after Kierkegaard, it is him that defined existentialist philosophy the best. ... One of Dostoevsky's existential messages is that the purpose of life is to act properly by being authentic to yourself. He is adamant that rationality alone can be deceiving.

Does Raskolnikov believe in God?

When asked the question point blank by the magistrate Porfiry, Raskolnikov answers that he believes in God. ... As a product of his time, Raskolnikov lives immersed in Russian Orthodox faith, but as a young intellectual, his religious beliefs are tested. God would not allow anything so awful!

Is Dostoyevsky an existentialist?

Dostoevsky, while not an existentialist, does represent the roots of the philosophical movement with which he is often associated.

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