What did Asher do when he was 3 in the giver?

What did Asher do when he was 3 in the giver?

What did Asher do when he was 3 in the giver?

As a three year old, little Asher really wanted his snack, but said “smack” instead. At this point, “Asher whimpered, cringed, and corrected himself instantly” in a whisper. Yet Asher continued to make the same mistake. Eventually he was so nervous he didn't say anything at all.

Why would Asher have been a poor instructor of threes?

The Instructors of Threes are responsible for acquisition of language, and Asher often has problems with precision of language.

What happened to Asher when 3 was smacked a lot?

Why did Asher get smacked a lot when he was a Three? He kept saying "smack" instead of "snack." Why did Jonas get so upset during the Ceremony of Twelve? His turn was skipped over when giving assignments by Chief Elder.

Why was Jonas originally so upset at his Ceremony of 12?

Jonas was upset during the Ceremony of Twelve because of the sudden break in the traditional order of the ceremony. ... The ceremony works by proceeding chronologically through the numbered children. When a child's number is called, he/she will be praised for his/her strengths and given his/her Assignment.

Are Asher and Jonas still friends?

Asher is a fun-loving, good-natured member of Jonas' community. For as long as Jonas can remember, he and Asher have been friends, and he cannot imagine anything changing that, even beginning their new Assignments. Asher is assigned to be the next Assistant Director of Recreation.

Why did Asher apologize Jonas?

Jonas has asked them to stop playing it because he knows that it is based on war, and Asher does not have this context so he becomes upset at being told to stop. He tells Jonas he has no right to tell them what they can play, but he immediately apologizes, "I apologize for not showing you the respect you deserve" (Ch.

What job assignment did Asher receive Why was it a good one for him?

Asher is assigned to be Assistant Director of Recreation. Jonas's parents assure him that good-natured Asher will surely get the right assignment, because all children are carefully watched and evaluated by the elders before their assignments are doled out.

At what age do you no longer matter the giver?

Once he is Twelve, age will not matter anymore. He will be an adult, ready to begin training for his Assignment.

What happened to Asher when he asked for a snack?

"Snack!...You meant snack, Asher!" But the mistake had been made. And precision of language was one of the most important tasks of small children. Asher had asked for a smack. (Ch. 7) Asher was hit or smacked until he stopped talking.

When does Jonas have a flashback in the giver?

One important flashback that Jonas has in The Giver occurs in Chapter 3, when he remembers the time that he took an apple home from the recreation area. Jonas recalls that there was a humiliating reminder that this was not allowed.

What does the story of Asher's mistake at the age of three?

Young Asher was never really able to fit in. Fitting in, saying the right thing, is so important to the community that they are willing to traumatize a child. Lowry, Lois (1993-04-26).

Why did Asher stop talking as a toddler?

Asher's mistakenly using the wrong word and being punished for it to the point that he stops talking demonstrates the community's relentless insistence that everyone be the same, and their complete lack of compassion. As a toddler, Asher “always talked too fast and mixed up words” while he was trying to master precision of language (ch 7, p. 55).

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