Does Edmond marry Mercedes?

Does Edmond marry Mercedes?

Does Edmond marry Mercedes?

Answer and Explanation: In the end, Mercedes marries Fernand Mondego after Edmond Dantes is arrested with no hope of release. She later realizes the Count of Monte Cristo is Edmond. After Dantes is able to expose her husband's corrupt dealings and ruin him, Mercedes and her son leave her husband and begin again.

Is Edmond Dantès bad?

Dantes is morally innocent; he keeps the secret of the letter out of honesty and loyalty, and believes firmly in the French government's justice (represented by Villefort); however, these noble qualities lead him to his doom.

Does Mercedes still love Edmond?

Originally Answered: Did Mercedes stop loving Edmond Dantes? Yes she stopped loving him. She did not ever love her husband but she ended up giving all her love to her son Albert.

Who is the most important character in the Count of Monte Cristo?

Abbé Faria is the most important catalyst in Dantès’s transformation into the vengeful Count of Monte Cristo.

Why was the Count of Monte Cristo imprisoned?

He is a man who is falsely accused of treason and conspiring with the then-exiled Napoleon Bonaparte and for that imprisoned. Managing to escape after fourteen years of imprisonment, he then comes into possession of a vast fortune.

Who is Dantes father in the Count of Monte Cristo?

Dantès’s father. Grief-stricken, Louis Dantès starves himself to death when Dantès is imprisoned. It is primarily for his father’s death that Dantès seeks vengeance. The son of Monsieur Morrel. Brave and honorable like his father, Maximilian becomes Dantès’s primary beneficiary.

Who is Mercedes in the Count of Monte Cristo?

Dantès’s beautiful and good fiancée. Though Mercédès marries another man, Fernand Mondego, while Dantès is in prison, she never stops loving Dantès. Mercédès is one of the few whom Dantès both punishes (for her disloyalty) and rewards (for her enduring love and underlying goodness).

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