What is a good score on the DLAB?

What is a good score on the DLAB?

What is a good score on the DLAB?

95 What is considered a good score on the DLAB? A 95 is considered a passing score on DLAB. A score of 95 is considered passing because it is the minimum requirement for some basic languages as well as getting into the Defense Language Institute.

What is a good DLAB?

Furthermore, the DLAB is a required test for officers looking to either join the Foreign Area Officer program or the Olmsted Scholar Program. The required grade for these programs is a 105, but the recommended grade is at least a 130 or above.

Whats the highest score on the DLAB?

176 Qualifying Scores The highest possible score on the DLAB is 176.

When should I take DLAB?

You need to schedule the DLAB (Defense Language Aptitude Battery) before you get to your MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station). You may take the test only if you're trying to get a MOS/AFSC/rating that specifically requires language training, such as a linguist, cryptology or a signals intelligence MOS.

What is a good Dlab score-Dlab prep?

They are as follows: Category I & II Languages – There is no defining score that delineates a high probability of success except that the higher the score, the higher the probability of graduation. Category III Languages – There is a much higher probability of graduation if their DLAB score was at least a 95 or above.

What should my Dlab score be for CAT IV?

What is a Good DLAB Score. While the minimum score to enter the Defense Language Institute is 95 and the minimum score for a Cat IV Language is 110, should you shoot for either of these? The short answer is no. Like we have stated on previous articles, your DLAB score will carry with you as you progress in your military career.

What is the standard for Dlab in the Army?

The Army standard for DLAB scores includes a requirement to score 95 or better on the initial test. Those who do not score 95 or better are welcome to retest again following a six-month waiting period.

What are the DLAB scores for Category 3 languages?

Category languages and their scores are as follows: 105 for a Category III language (Belorussian, Czech, Greek, Hebrew, Persian, Polish, Russian, Serbian/Croatian, Slovak, Tagalog [Filipino], Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese)

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