How did Molly Pitchers first husband die?

How did Molly Pitchers first husband die?

How did Molly Pitchers first husband die?

For this reason, Hays carried the nickname “Sergeant Molly.” William Hays died in 1786 from his battle wounds. When he died, he left a large amount of land to Mary. After his death, Mary Hays married John McCauley in 1793.

Who was Molly Pitcher's husband?

William Hays While there's no definitive proof about who Pitcher was—and there's debate about whether she even existed at all—most commonly she's been identified as Mary Hays McCauley. Born in Pennsylvania in 1754 (or possibly 1744), Mary may have worked as a servant before marrying William Hays, of Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Who did Molly Pitcher marry first?

William Hays In her early twenties, she married a barber named William Hays, who soon enlisted in the 4th Pennsylvania Artillery and served in the Continental Army.

What age did Molly Pitcher get married?

It is hard to find any information on Molly before the Battle of Monmouth. Born in 1754, Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley was the daughter of a New Jersey dairy farmer. At the age of 13, she went to work as a domestic/servant and married a barber named William Hays.

Where was Mary Ludwig Hays born and died?

Mary Hays (American Revolutionary War)
Mary Hays McCauley
Birth nameMary Ludwig
BornOctober 13, 1744 Trenton, New Jersey, British America
DiedJanu (aged 87) Carlisle, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Buried40.19744°N 77.18797°WCoordinates:40.19744°N 77.18797°W
4 more rows

Who was Molly Pitcher supposed to be married to?

The deeds in the story of Molly Pitcher are generally attributed to Mary Ludwig Hays. Hays was married to William Hays, an artilleryman in the Continental Army.

What was the marriage of William Hays and Molly Pitcher?

This marriage was not successful; John, a stonecutter and a friend of William Hays, was apparently mean and did not adequately support his wife and stepson. Either she left him or he died, or he otherwise disappeared, about 1805.

What did Molly Pitcher do in the Revolutionary War?

Molly Pitcher at War. The camp followers were taught to serve as water girls. William Hays was with the 7th Pennsylvania Regiment when, as part of George Washington's army, the Battle of Monmouth was fought with British troops on J. William (John) Hays' job was to load the cannon, wielding a ramrod.

Where was Molly Pitcher of the Battle of Monmouth born?

Early Life and the Battle of Monmouth Pitcher was born circa Octo, near Trenton, New Jersey. In 1768, she moved to Carlisle, Pennsylvania, where she met Hays, a local barber.

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