How do you say Happy Holidays to someone who lost a loved one?

How do you say Happy Holidays to someone who lost a loved one?

How do you say Happy Holidays to someone who lost a loved one?

10 Things To Say To a Grieving Friend During the Holidays

  1. I am thinking of you. ...
  2. What you're going through totally sucks. ...
  3. I'm sending you love during this difficult time. ...
  4. May peace present itself more and more with every day. ...
  5. I really want to support you this season. ...
  6. I don't expect a call back.

What do you say to someone on their first Christmas without a loved one?


  • “I'm thinking of you, especially during the holidays.”
  • “I imagine this holiday is tough for you. How are you doing today?”
  • “This might not be your best holiday ever, but I'm thinking of you and wishing you the best New Year possible.”

What do you say when someone dies on holiday?

Say this: "I used to love to hear her laugh." Or "Did I ever tell you about the time he and I..." If you don't have a memory to share, say this: "I hope that your many wonderful memories bring a smile to your face, even in the midst of your pain."

How do you deal with the loss of a loved one during the holidays?

Ways to externalize the loss – give it a time and a place

  1. A prayer before the Holiday dinner, about your loved one.
  2. Light a candle for your loved one.
  3. Create an online tribute for them.
  4. Share a favorite story about your loved one.
  5. Have everyone tell a funny story about your loved one.

How do you greet someone who is grieving?

General Messages

  1. "I am at a loss for words. ...
  2. "Love knows no boundaries. ...
  3. "Please know that you're in my thoughts and prayers. ...
  4. "I was so saddened to hear about _________ passing. ...
  5. "My deepest condolences to you during this time. ...
  6. "You have my deepest, sincerest sympathy."
  7. "I am praying for you during your time of loss.

What to write in a card for someone who is grieving?


  • “We are so sorry for your loss.”
  • “I'm going to miss her, too.”
  • “I hope you feel surrounded by much love.”
  • “Sharing in your sadness as you remember Dan.”
  • “Sending healing prayers and comforting hugs. ...
  • “With deepest sympathy as you remember Robert.”
  • “I was saddened to hear that your grandfather passed away.

How do I get over a Christmas person without a loved one?

3) Find ways to remember the person who has died

  1. Visiting their grave, or the place their ashes were scattered.
  2. Lighting a candle for them.
  3. Raising a glass to them at dinner.
  4. Playing their favourite music.
  5. Sharing stories about them with each other.
  6. Cooking their favourite festive snacks.
  7. Writing them a letter.

What do you write in a holiday card after a death?

Sample messages to send

  1. “I know this holiday probably won't be your happiest. The new year is around the corner, and I hope that it brings some unexpected joy your way.” ...
  2. “The holidays were so difficult for me after my mother passed away. ...
  3. “I'll be lighting a candle for your mom on Christmas Eve this year if that's okay.

How do you get on the first holiday after a death?

How to Handle Holidays After a Death in the Family

  1. Acknowledge emotions. First, acknowledge that this will likely be a difficult day for your family. ...
  2. Make a plan. Dr. ...
  3. Memorialize. Remembering is part of grieving and part of healing, so think about doing something to memorialize your loved one. ...
  4. Ask for help.

How do you survive the first year of grieving a loved one?

Trust in your own time-line processing grief.

  1. Shock and numbness. The very first phase of grief will most likely be spent in numbness from the shock. ...
  2. Surviving. ...
  3. It is so painful. ...
  4. Conserving energy. ...
  5. Accept help and find support. ...
  6. The first year is the hardest. ...
  7. It's been a year. ...
  8. Friendships will change.

What's the first holiday without a loved one?

For those still mourning the loss of a spouse, child, parent or other loved one, that first holiday season can be an emotionally trying time.

What to do when someone is having their first Christmas without a loved one?

It is necessary to understand that not every person will be joyful during the holiday season. Maybe you know someone who will be spending their first Christmas without a loved one. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them. Make them a meal, offer to watch their kids for a night, take them out for a drink, or just let them know that you get it.

What can you do for someone on their first holiday?

Just be there. If someone you care about is suffering through the pain of first holidays without someone they love, there are things you can do. This time last year, I was prepping Thanksgiving dinner, my first-ever to cook without the help of anyone on my side of the family.

How to deal with grief if it's your first holiday without?

This juxtaposition may be especially difficult if this is the first holiday season spent without your loved one.” That’s been true for Annie Helmer. In late October, she lost her father to COVID-19. A month later, Helmer, a general manager in the food industry in Wisconsin, is still working through the early stages of grief.

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