What's a good monologue to perform?

What's a good monologue to perform?

What's a good monologue to perform?

10 Best Audition Monologues for Actors – Male/Drama

  • Dark Place.
  • String of False Starts.
  • Please Forgive Me…
  • Dark Side of My Moon.
  • Show On The Road.
  • Food On The Table.
  • Killing You.
  • Somewhere Better Than Here.
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How many words should a monologue be?

Word count is also important: If you're writing a one-minute monologue, you should have around 150 words. Time yourself as you read your monologue aloud to make sure it's the right length. Wrap up with parting words. At the end of the monologue, leave your audience with something to think about.

What is difference between monologue and dialogue?

A dialogue is when there are two or more people who engage in a conversation. A monologue, on the other hand, is where a single person speaks out. ... A monologue has only a single speaker but in a dialogue there is two or more. Unlike in a monologue, in a dialogue there is an exchange of thoughts and ideas.

How long is a 1 minute monologue for a girl?

  • Here’s Monologue Blogger’s list of 1 minute teen monologues for girls and guys. We’ve shared 15 effective short monologues for your auditions. You will find both comedy and drama around 60 seconds long each. Bella feels deeply neglected by her mother.

Who was the one minute monologue in 42nd Street?

  • One Minute Monologues from Plays ’42nd STREET’ (Julian Marsh): “You’re quite a girl, Miss Peggy Sawyer” ’42nd STREET’ (Julian Marsh): “You’ve got to come back a star!”

Who is Nina in one minute monologues for teens?

  • Whenever she tries to talk to her mom about her ambitions, her mother always seems to shut her down or outright ignore her. Nina is a teenager who lives the life of a criminal because of her father who continually moves them from motel to motel while going on a robbing spree.

Who are the characters in the monologue blogger?

  • Melanie finally stands up for her self-respect in the face of her boyfriend who constantly belittles her. Jesse comes from a troubled home but although he loves his girlfriend he may not be able to overcome the hurdles surrounding him. Monologue Blogger offers a wide range of monologues from plays.

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