How does Santiago kill the marlin?

How does Santiago kill the marlin?

How does Santiago kill the marlin?

When the shark hits the marlin, the old man sinks his harpoon into the shark's head. The shark lashes on the water and, eventually, sinks, taking the harpoon and the old man's rope with it. ... He reminds himself that he didn't kill the marlin simply for food, that he killed it out of pride and love.

Why did Santiago say that sharks had killed his dreams?

He was unable to save better part of the fish meat from the sharks. He was also considered unlucky because of his age as other fishermen would associate old age with being unlucky. The fishermen thought he has lost his skills and was not in a proper frame of mind for the job.

How does Santiago embody Hemingway's ideals for manhood?

Santiago's three day ordeal in landing a marlin and fighting off sharks exemplifies the theme of manhood because of Santiago's personal reflections on pain, struggle, endurance and defeat.

Why does Santiago not care who kills who?

It is fair to say that Santiago pitied the fish and did not want to kill it, but he had to do it for the sake of saving his own pride. As he battles the great fish, "his brother," Santiago says, "Come on and kill me. I do not care who kills who." That is the attitude of healthy pride rather than arrogance.

Why did Santiago finally lose hope?

Why did Santiago finally lose hope? He lost hope because the sharks ate basically all the meat on the fish.

Why does Santiago now regret killing the fish?

Santiago regrets having had to kill it but takes pride in his landing of the fish, in spite of the difficulties and pain he experienced. You did not kill the fish only to keep alive and to sell for food, he thought. You killed him for pride and because you are a fisherman.

Why did Santiago lose all hope?

Why did Santiago finally lose hope? He lost hope because the sharks ate basically all the meat on the fish.

Why does the boy cry at the end?

It is specifically when Manolin sees the appearance of Santiago that he begins to cry, so overwhelmed by emotion that he does not attempt to hide his tears when he sees other fishermen: The boy saw that the old man was breathing and then he saw the old man's hands and he started to cry.

How does Manolin help Santiago?

Manolin became more of the caretaker, instead of being an apprentice. Now he helps Santiago with all his fishing gear and supplies and makes sure he has enough to eat.

Why did Manolin leave Santiago?

Santiago, an old fisherman, has gone eighty-four days without catching a fish. For the first forty days, a boy named Manolin had fished with him, but Manolin's parents, who call Santiago salao, or β€œthe worst form of unlucky,” forced Manolin to leave him in order to work in a more prosperous boat.

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