What is TVA CEO salary?

What is TVA CEO salary?

What is TVA CEO salary?

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), a quasi-public federal agency, paid their new chief executive officer much more than the U.S. president's $400,000 annual salary. In fact, Jeffrey Lyash earned $15.5 million in pay, perquisites, and retirement benefits over the last two years.

How much does the TVA chairman make?

Compensation of Directors In accordance with the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2005, each director receives a stipend of $45,000 per year, or in the case of the chairman of any TVA Board committee, $46,000 per year, or, in the case of the chairman of the TVA Board, $50,000 per year.

Who is the leader of the TVA?

Jeff Lyash President & Chief Executive Officer. Jeff Lyash is as comfortable talking with a crew in a plant as he is in the boardroom. His exceptional people skills and technical experience make him one of the top leaders in the energy industry.

Where does Jeff lyash live?

Knoxville, TN Lyash will relocate to Knoxville, TN, with his wife Tracy. Jeff enjoys fly fishing and golfing; together the Lyashes enjoy cooking, skiing, reading and charitable work. They have two married children and nine grandchildren.

Does the TVA make a profit?

Federal funding for the TVA power program ended in 1959, and appropriations for TVA's environmental stewardship and economic development activities were phased out by 1999. ... TVA makes no profit and receives no tax money.

Is TVA a government agency?

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is a wholly owned Government corporation created by act of (16 U.S.C.

Does the TVA still exist today?

Today, TVA is the largest public power company in the United States. The agency also carefully runs the nation's fifth-largest river system in order to control flooding, make rivers easier to travel, provide recreation, and protect water quality.

How many TVA dams are there?

TVA's hydroelectric system comprises: 29 power-generating dams throughout the Tennessee River system, some of which date back to the TVA's early days in the 1930s.

Who are the Board of directors of TVA?

Click here to see our board of directors. With many years of experience serving the Tennessee Valley, our executives oversee all TVA strategy, policy and operations and are responsible for delivering TVA’s mission of service through affordable energy, environmental stewardship and economic development.

Who is the highest paid TVA employee in America?

Lyash, a 57-year-old engineer who previously was Ontario’s highest-paid government employee as head of Ontario Power Generation, became America’s highest-paid federal employee in April when he was hired as TVA’s new CEO ,” according to The Times Free Press.

What do you need to know about TVA leadership?

When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Our leadership oversees all TVA strategy, policy and operations on a daily basis. Learn about their service and dedication to the Tennessee Valley.

Who is the CEO of Tennessee Valley Authority?

The Tennessee Valley Authority has tapped Ontario Power Generation CEO Jeff Lyash to succeed the retiring Bill Johnson as head of the nation's biggest government utility.

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