What does the flute represent in Atsumori?

What does the flute represent in Atsumori?

What does the flute represent in Atsumori?

Atsumori is also, like many of his Taira brethren, portrayed as a courtier and poet, not truly prepared for battle. He is said to have carried a flute into battle, evidence of his peaceful, courtly nature as well as his youth and naïveté.

How to find the midpoint of each class?

You can find the midpoint of each class by adding the lower class limit and the upper class limit, then dividing by two: Class midpoint = (lower class limit + upper class limit) / 2. The following table shows how to calculate the midpoint of each class:

How to calculate the midpoint of a circle?

Find two points on the circle that are completely opposite from each other, i.e., that is they are separated by the diameter of the circle. If you know their coordinates, add the two x coordinates together, and divide the result by 2. This is the x coordinate of the centre. Do the same for the 2 y coordinates, which will give you the y coordinate.

Which is the most important part of the S curve?

If you want to this rapid growth in the graph, it will be the middle part of the ‘s’. The point which exhibits the maximum growth is called the point of inflection. These are the most important parts of the curve because this is the place where the growth stagnates.

When does conflict reach a point of equilibrium?

Eventually, conflicts reach a point at which a sort of equilibrium sets in, in which neither side is getting any closer to achieving its goals and which no one is happy with the situation. They come to realize that the costs of continuing the struggle exceed (often greatly exceed) the benefits to be gained.

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